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Do you fancy increasing your knowledge of English, want to improve on your Mathematics, rusty with IT? As a GMB member we can help.

Based at London Heathrow Airport and within the London Region, our Life Long Learning project - Aim High assists GMB members in learning opportunities, and to discover and develop their talents.

Working alongside your local Union Learning Reps (ULRs), we can offer a variety of courses, to up-skill you, to develop the skills you have and to increase your knowledge.

This website is a 'one-stop shop' for your learning needs.

Not a GMB member, not a problem! Joining online is easy, and we may even have reps in your workplace.

The Learning Journey

  • The Learner

    Wants to learn, to discover and develop their talents. Maybe it's a course suited to their work, or something outside of their daily job. Learning starts with the learner and each learner's journey is different.

  • The ULR (where present)

    The Union Learning Rep (ULR) talks to and assess the learners needs, helps find courses, works on learning agreements with employers and supports learners on their "learning journey". In the absence of the ULR, the Aim High Project Team fulfil this role.

  • The Employer

    The company or organiser the learner works for. Working with the ULR embed learning into collective bargaining agreements or setting up a standalone learning agreement. Allowing learners paid release to develop their talents.

  • The Learning Provider

    Working with the ULRs to develop courses for learners, supporting the learners throughout and guiding them to their qualification.

The GMB Aim High Project attempts to bring all four elements above together. The Project Workers are working with a variety of different Learning Providers, sourcing courses and locations for various different courses, at different levels.

As part of one of the UKs biggest Trade Unions, GMB, the project works with reps all over the London Region, encouraging reps and members to step up as ULRs, to ensure sustainable Union Learning way into the future.

Aim High - To Discover & Develop.

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. @PackedLunchC4 nice to hear the discussion about life long learning on the show today. The government removed funding for 22+ Union Learning Projects that provided upskilling & support for thousands of people in work. More needs to be done.

The @H_S_E reports that lifting, handling and carrying accounts for 19% of non-fatal injuries in the workplace. Our Principles of Warehousing course from @SkillsNetworkUK gives an understanding in #ManualHandling https://t.co/Csh5AG9KM3 #GMBLearning https://t.co/MoNmK567ka aimhighLHRGMB photo

Have you ever thought about #Maths and panicked? Or if someone gives you a calculation to work out your mind switches off? You're not alone. The @Nat_Numeracy challenge can help boost your knowledge and confidence - @GMBLondonRegion check it out today.. https://t.co/MFmhYRRlqd https://t.co/oPrY8BjSXn aimhighLHRGMB photo

GMB’s Learning Project is here to support you through those difficult times on top of the support from our @GMB_union @GMBLondonRegion Officers and Representatives in thousands of workplaces. See how and more here.
https://t.co/jM2XqDJobg #GMBLearning #LearningNeverStops https://t.co/MIcUFXKCjW
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