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Aim High Project Team Learning

COVID-19 has put enormous pressure on GMB members lives. No more so in their working lives. Many GMB members have been furloughed or are at risk from redundancy or reduction in pay and terms & conditions.

GMB Union Reps and Officers around the country are working around the clock to protect and save jobs. We are fighting everyday and no stone is left unturned.

Through the GMB National Lifelong Learning Project, we are working to support those members at risk from redundancy.

Aim High in GMB's London Region remit, alongside Regional Organisers, is to support, up-skill and develop members.

Our Redundancy Support Program isn't a 'one size fits all approach'. Everyone's skill set will vary. Members should look at the program to see what they may benefit from. Your Project Workers and Regional Organisers can also help you through the program.

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GMB Aim High Support Page