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Aim High Project Team #SaveUnionLearning

It goes without saying that since March these have been difficult times. GMB members up and down the country are facing redundancy, fire & rehire tactics, reduction in pay and terms and conditions. All this within the background of a global pandemic, which, at times, had brought things to a standstill in certain industries.

GMB’s National Lifelong Learning project is a lifeline to those that want to up-skill, those who need help with redundancy and for those who need support in retraining and looking for future employment opportunities.

For every £1 invested in Union Learning projects, £12.30 is returned the the economy. Individuals gain valuable skills and a boost to their confidence, in turn employers see a greater engagement with their staff who are highly trained and a major boost to work productivity.

Throughout the UK, GMB Union Learning has helped thousands of people discover their talents and develop themselves while increasing their employment opportunities.

The UK Government has decided to withdraw all Union Learn funding from April 2021 and this vital lifeline will no longer exist. We urge the Government to think again, to reverse this decision and ensure working people can access education and skills training way into the future.

How can you help?

Please sign the TUC petition today, to say to the Government why Union Learning is important to you and that you support our call to reserve their decision.

To sign the petition click here:

Share the petition with friends, family and work colleagues and use the #SaveUnionLearning hashtag on Social Media.

Learning is vital, even more so today. Please support our campaign.

Thank you

Your GMB Union Learning Project Team