Number Confidence Week

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Getting on with numbers can help you get on in life. Feeling number confident can make us feel more comfortable to get into work or get on at work, manage our money or help our kids with homework. It can also make us feel more confident about ourselves.

Many people have low confidence with numbers and experience stress, anxiety or fear. It’s an understandable way to feel, but you are not alone, and you can overcome it. Often low number confidence comes from thinking we can’t do maths, rather than our actual ability. These thoughts
stop us from getting on, gaining skills and fulfilling our potential.

For one week, from Monday 2 November, GMB Aim High is supporting the charity National Numeracy in its bid to get the nation feeling more confident with numbers!

A great way to boost your own number confidence is to try the National Numeracy Challenge, a free online tool that helps you develop confidence and skills, in just 10 minutes a day, at your own pace.

To take part in the Challenge click here to enrol.

From 2nd November, more resources will be available here: (but please ensure if you take the Challenge you sign up via our link above, this is to ensure we can support your learning journey).