Aim High with New Courses

Aim High Project Team New Courses

Aim High’s main aim is to get our learners to discover and develop their talents and skills. With our learning provider – The Skills Network, we have launched two new courses to get your teeth into.

Level 2 Certificate Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND)

This qualification is aimed at anyone seeking to improve their knowledge of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), either for personal or professional reasons. Learners will consider many aspects of SEND, including the symptoms of specific conditions, legislation and guidance applicable to individuals with SEND and how such conditions affect individuals in daily life.

Level 2 Certificate Self-harm and Suicide Awareness and Prevention

This qualification is aimed at anyone seeking to improve their understanding and awareness of suicide and self-harm. The knowledge individuals will gain is not sector-specific but can be applied to a broad range of personal and professional situations. Individuals who may find this course useful to their professional life include: teachers, mental health workers, crisis helpline volunteers, support workers, individuals in a safeguarding role, parents or guardians, and others working with individuals who may be at increased risk of self-harm or suicide.

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Aim High is GMB’s Lifelong Learning Project based in the GMB London Region. Aim High forms part of GMB’s National Project funded through the Union Learning Fund. More details about the Save Union Learning campaign can be found here.