Provide new learning opportunities for all and to help every GMB member to discover and develop their talents.
GMB Lifelong Learning

GMB Union were successful in their Round 20 project bid through the Union Learning Fund. As part of GMB's drive to encourage and support access to our members for lifelong learning opportunities - Aim High was born.

Aim High is a section of the GMB National Lifelong Learning Project, based in the London Region, focusing on Heathrow Airport.

Our aim is to open up opportunities for GMB members in learning. To support members to reach their full potential and to work with employers on Learning Agreements - where we can to assist members to access learning.

Our Team

The Aim High Project Team is made up of Our Project Manager - Rosie and two Project Workers - Chris & Rachel. We work to secure courses, release time from work (where possible), listen to members needs and support members and reps with their learning journey.

We are also building a team of Union Learning Reps (ULRs) within Heathrow and the London Region, to ensure a sustainable future for Learning with GMB in London.

While some of our learning options are available to non-members, full support may not always be possible and it may take longer to get onto courses.

We encourage any non-GMB members to join today. Not only do we offer support and assistance with learning, our wider GMB union movement is just the ticket for you at work.

More Questions?

We are ready to answer them! Contact us here or speak to one of your local ULRs.