However you feel about maths, you’re not alone – The National Numeracy Challenge

We use numbers every day but for some, anxiety and past experiences with maths can create a block in their ability to focus on anything maths or numeracy related. This can hold many people back from developing their skills.

Thinking about your mindset when it comes to maths may unlock your potential, and enable you to take opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have considered. This could include feeling more confident with numbers, enrolling on a maths course or applying for a job that involves more maths. Challenging your own beliefs about yourself can be difficult but may be the first step in your learning journey to improved numeracy skills.

Through the online tool, the National Numeracy Challenge, you can access bespoke attitudinal and learning resources to develop your numeracy skills, and improve your confidence, all at your own pace.

The Challenge focuses on everyday maths, contains multiple choice questions, and can be completed with the use of a calculator. You start off with a basic skills check which takes roughly 10-15 minutes and estimates the level you are working at. It then suggests useful tools to brush up on these skills before taking the longer full check to ascertain your current numeracy level. You can then access the learning resources as often as you need in order to keep improving.

This resource is provided online by National Numeracy. For more details and to enrol complete the course interest form in the tab below. If you have any questions contact us here.


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